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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about UTStarcom. If you don't find what you're looking for here, please contact us directly.

Q: When was UTStarcom founded?


UTStarcom began operations in 1991 as Unitech Telecom

Q: What are UTStarcom main products and services?


UTStarcom helps network operators thrive by offering their customers the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective communication services. Our “simple network, simple operation” product design philosophy eliminates unnecessary complexity, resulting in greater network performance, flexibility, reliability and security.  UTStarcom’s intelligent network solutions enable operators to offer more and better revenue-generating services at lower capital and operating expense.

Our extensive investment in R&D enables us to optimize our solutions for the complex requirements of mobile networks, cloud-based services and video streaming applications. Our special focus is on the development of solutions optimized for 5G transport network applications.  We combine the latest technologies such as Segment Routing (SR), FlexE, PTP and SDN in order to meet 5G requirements for bandwidth, scalability, latency, agility and accurate time synchronization.  Our products address the needs of the fastest growing functions within the network related to mobile backhaul, metro aggregation and broadband access.

Our product line includes innovative, technologically advanced platforms that leverage our expertise in packet optical communications, routing and switching technologies, broadband access, wireless communications and synchronization. UTStarcom is investing heavily to further develop key products that provide the infrastructure for the future of networking.  These include intelligent Segment Routing (SR)-based routers, next generation broadband access solutions, synchronization equipment and Software Defined Networking platforms.

Q: When did UTStarcom go public, and how many shares are currently outstanding?


UTStarcom publicly listed on the NASDAQ exchange in 2000. As of December 31, 2022 there were 9,073,083 shares of the registrant’s common stock outstanding, par value $0.015

Q: Which stock exchange is UTStarcom traded on and what is the ticker symbol?


UTStarcom is traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol “UTSI”.

Q: When does UTStarcom’s fiscal year ends?


The fiscal year ends December 31.

Q: Where can I find information on UTStarcom’s management team?


The profiles of UTStarcom’s management team can be found under the “Management Team” section in the About UTStarcom section of UTStarcom’s website.

Q: Where can I find UTStarcom’s financial documents?


UTStarcom’s financial documents are provided under the “SEC Filings” section in the Investors section of UTStarcom’s website.